Search and Rescue

Thank you for your interest in joining the Licking County – CERT Advanced Search & Rescue Team. Though we certainly welcome all those that wish to serve, we want you to consider the commitment. Below is a brief description of what team members are signing up for. This isn’t meant to be a discouragement from participating, but a catalyst to encourage thought and discussion. It is of vital importance that team members and their loved ones understand and can accept the challenges and rewards that come from being willing and able to help your fellow man in a time of deepest need.


Dangerous – Members will be exposed to more intense environments than typical CERT volunteers

Time – Being available for training, simulations and of course call outs.

Training – Required for certification and ongoing.

Costs – Members may be asked to cover their own costs, depending on availability of funds from other sources.

Physical demands – Climate, terrain, and other factors will require above average endurance.

After reviewing these considerations you believe that the sacrifices are worth the reward, please contact me at the email address below.

[email protected]

In your email include a contact phone number and list any skills, training or life experiences that would be applicable.

(NOTE: Previously acquired skills, training or life experiences are not required to be considered for the Team.)

There is training that each SAR Team member is required to have for credentialing as well as for operational effectiveness. They are;

Minimum of SARTECH III with NASAR (National Association of Search And Rescue) – Membership in NASAR is paid for by C.E.R.T, Each member must acquire the SARTECH III manual (may be borrowed from another member or purchased from NASAR for approximately $20), Pass an online SARTECH III exam (cost is $55, paid directly to NASAR). Additional and more detailed information on this is available on request.

Current Basic First Aid Certification – C.E.R.T has classes at no or little cost if you need certification or renewal.

Current CPR Certification – C.E.R.T has classes at no or little cost if you need certification or renewal.

IS100, 200, 700, 800 – These are free online courses offered by FEMA that teaches the “Incident Command System” and “National Incident Management System”, Additional information on how to access and complete this training is available on request.

This is a brief description of the certifications we carry. I’ll be happy to provide additional information, answer any questions and help with any of these. Contact me by email or if you’ll be attending any of the monthly meetings or other functions, please look me up.